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Apollo AI: First Responder A.I. I'll Be Coming Online Soon...

First Responder A.I.
a three-time nationally awarded
hands-free voice assistant for law enforcement, firefighters, EMS & dispatch personnel
as seen in:
2019  | NIST Tech to Protect Challenge
2020  | PSCR Digital Experience Panel
2021  | NIST Pulse Accelerator

About Apollo

Far beyond just an assistant...
a mission critical tool

Apollo is designed to enhance the safety of all first responders while maintaining an engaging environment and delivering mission critical information when first responders need it most.

Just imagine this:
A police officer is dispatched to an active domestic dispute at a residence...

Apollo performs all of the following:
  • Finds/Routes the nearest available backup unit (via their own Apollo)
  • Delivers the quickest route (incl. weather data) to responding officers
  • Informs officers of person(s) at this location with alerts (i.e. violent tendencies, active warrants, etc.)
  • Informs officers of the details of any recent disputes or violent crimes at this location
  • and so much more...

One Assistant. One Platform.

All First Responders. Connected

The Future is Now.

Apollo AI: The Future is Now. (poster)

Apollo has your back. 24/7

  • Each and every piece of information, even as simple as weather data or call history, can change the very nature of the type of response necessary.
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Making a Responder's job safer and easier

  • Confusing call? Don't worry, Apollo has already sent you a summary of the incident.
  • Do you need to know more about a subject's medication? Apollo already has it on your screen.

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Atlanta, GA

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